After 8 years of having symptoms of endometriosis, a collapsed lung, misdiagnosis and three surgeries, I was finally diagnosed in 2010 with Stage IV Endometriosis.

This is my story.

For so long I had suffered, and wasn’t able to connect with “endosisters” who shared similar experiences, and outside of my current set of (excellent) doctors, I wasn’t able to get the support which would have been so helpful to me and my loved ones. If I even dared to tell someone I had endometriosis I had gotten so accustomed to hearing “Endo what?” or “Oh, you have bad period cramps”.

So I sought support elsewhere – I did some research and participated in many online forums, and realized that I was not alone, there are millions of women all over the world that have this horrible disease. But I found this kind of support network lacking in Jamaica…which is what ultimately motivated me to start Shauna Fuller Clarke’s B.A.S.E. Foundation.

Our mission is to provide support and information to women who suffer from Endometriosis and promote research in the medical field. We also aim to create better awareness of this disease amongst the general public, women and the medical profession.



To host special events that promote awareness amongst women, the general public and the medical profession.


To setup up network(s) and train volunteers that can provide support to women with Endometriosis.


To provide information on endometriosis through pamphlets, flyers, our website, social media and other sources as needed.


To promote research on Endometriosis for Jamaica, including the number of cases and related statistical data.