Leisha’s Story

Read Leisha’s Endo Story below…
I’ve been living with this condition for over 13 years. It has been the worst thing that has happened to me. The pain I feel is a killer and it doesn’t stop until it decides. Why I say that, it doesn’t matter what I take for the pain, it’s of no use because of that my body shot down.

I am not able to work or even to get something to eat. I always have to have somebody with it, like i said before when it attract I am helpless. The pain last for hours and even days until it decides to give me a break. I am sorry for myself at times but I understand I have to live with it. I wish and pray for a miracle.

It is not fare for any one to be going through this. That is apart of my story that I am living with.

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.

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