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Read Kennesha’s Endo Story below…
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started my first period on Dec. 24 at the age of 12. As far as I can recall I never had issues with my cycle with severe pain – just occasional cramps.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012.

After I gave birth to my Daughter on Jul 12, 2009 via c-section. I felt small lump (about the size of peanut or smaller) on the right side of my c-section scar. I went to my gyno who told me it was tissue scar. He gave me a cream to apply to the area-this did not make a difference. A few months passed and the lump grew larger with no pain. I was concerned but because there was no pain I didn’t return to the doc. After a period of time I notice the lump started swell along with pain closer to my cycle. Once my cycle ended the lump went back to the original size.

I went back to my gyno informed him of what was happening. He was like “oh, you may have endometriosis”. The term wasn’t strange to me as my cousin was diagnosed with it in her late teens early twenties. My gyno decided to put me on the depo-provera injection (contraceptive injection) in order to see how the lump would react when my cycle cease. I was hesitant to this treatment as I am aware that the injection causes weight gain and i was in the midst of planning my wedding.

I was advised to exercise and I would be fine. Around the time of my next period being on depo the didn’t swell neither did it hurt- I was happy. Low and behold my cycle started on the night of my honeymoon. I was really alarmed as depo-provera should last for 3mths and I was just a month and a half on it. With such an untimely situation I decided I don’t want another dose of the depo-provera as it sure ain’t reliable.

I visited another gyno as I wanted a 2nd opinion. Up on my visit a thorough ultrasound was done which revealed I had endometriosis. We spoke of the possible options which was making my body menopausal with lupron or going back on depo-provera (this was a no no for me). She informed me that the lupron may shrink the lump if this didn’t work, the next option was surgery. I was also advised of possible infertility.

All my options were quite expensive so I went back to my original gyno. I told him I got a 2nd opinion and was told I had endo. He asked of the lump’s reaction to the depo-provera. He too agreed I had endo. This time he suggested getting pregnant and during the c-section he’d remove the lump. My husband and I weren’t quite ready for another baby so my option was just doing a surgery to remove the lump. I questioned if endo was cancerous I was told it isn’t. I haven’t decided on the surgery date just yet for several reasons.

Right now this “monster” is about size of a lime :(. During my cycle I have rectal pain especially when I want to break wind or defecate. I have sharp, stinging pain which last for 5-10 secs shortly before my cycle, as well as during and a few days after. I cannot wear tight fitting clothes around the area of the lump as it becomes tender. I don’t look forward to my period, this lump is a nightmare. The pain lives on every month until the surgery is done. For now I am just praying and hoping for nothing but the best!

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.

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