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Read Noralee’s Endo Story below…
I’ve always had pains during my period from I started having my period; my menstrual cycle started so strange. I had my period for one day at the age of 12 and then not again until my 13th birthday. After years of having the pains and hearing that famous phrase, “the pain will stop after child-birth”; I resigned myself to the thought that it may actually be true. I had my first child at nineteen years old and that was when I really started to feel the pains. My second pregnancy was extremely difficult and I went into false labour 3 times; thankfully, my two children are healthy and happy to-date. The abdominal pains kept getting increasingly worse over the years and no doctor could tell me why I was in so much pain constantly; I have the pain during, before and after my period. I have the pain all day, everyday.

In 2010, I rushed to Gynae Associates and was diagnosed with Endometriosis; this was the first time I was hearing about Endometriosis. I was on the contraceptive pills for years, with minimal ease from the pain. The contraceptive pills only regulated the period, as I have my period, sometimes, twice per month. My gynae introduced me to the depo-provera which was supposed to ease the pain, but that was only effective for about 3 months and then it was back to business with the pain. I lived on pain-killers to the point where I got addicted to them to help me function on a daily basis. After awhile, they stopped being effective and now nothing helps with the pain.

I have lower back, abdominal and anal pains which sometimes is accompanied by nausea, headache and dizziness. I’m unable to walk or stand for an extended period of time anymore. The endo is really messing-up my life and I wish I could get rid of it.

I pray and cry out to God daily for an ease to this enemy of mine. I must be thankful and grateful to the Lord Jehovah, though, for allowing me to be a parent and also giving me the strength to cope with the pain when it’s most severe.

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.

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  1. Tamoya
    March 24, 2015

    Noralee hearing your story brought me a bit of comfort knowing that the i am not the only one with pain all day everyday and nothing helps. Its very hard because ppl around us that do not share our pain wont understand sometimes the anal pain makes me scream and my legs are sore all d time walking standing even sitting hurts. Continue prayer nice to know you have children i have none and i am a college student 22years old. Keep the faith God Bless you

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