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Read Raylene’s Endo Story below…
12-34FA5E0C-694532-960It is quite amazing that thing thing ENDOMETRIOSIS can be so damaging to the body and is not easily diagnose. Ever since i started having my period (from age 13) I have been experiencing excruciating pain. My mom would tell me that it could not possibly be so bad. It was always great after the period but when it was near time again the fear of having it became a burden. My mother took me to the family doctor who stated that i had a small passage and once I grew up and started having children then the pain would all go away.

But that was never to be, I grew up and the pains continue. Through high school through college, through work. It was just terrible. I tried getting pregnant -nothing. I knew something was truly wrong. I went to see another doctor, who made the diagnosis and referred me to a gyno. I had some test done. The Gyno told me there were fibroids. He still did not mention about the endometriosis. I kept asking he said he doesn’t see the sign and he would have to do a laproscopy surgery to be sure. He never did. He suggested that I take some fertility pills as the fibroids were small and I could still get pregnant with small fibroids. I went against that. I did not even fill the prescription.

I was at work one day when as I stood at the chalkboard I felt as if i was going to faint. I was having my period then. I had a lot of pain but still went to work. One of my student saw what was happening and went to get help. I was taken to the sick bay then to a doctor who sent me to another gyno.

The diagnosis was that the fibroids were multiplying but nothing was said bout the endo. I did an ultra sound and HSG test which showed that I had endometriosis. I was not treated for it. I did a mymectomy surgery which removed the fibroids. Still no treatment for endo. The pain subsided a little but lately it started happening again. I once again changed my gyno. This time i was placed on the lucrin injection which seem to be working marvelously. THANK YOU GOD!!!!
I will be having another surgery this coming May. I think this one will be better.

Endo sisters we know what feeling pain is like. Its no joke, but we also know that prayer is the key that unlocks heaven’s door. So let us continue praying for each other. God made us and he is the great physician.

We will endure!!!!!!!!

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.


  1. April 20, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your story Raylene! Good luck with your surgery in May and make sure you continue to keep in touch!

  2. Losmen Harris
    July 23, 2013

    my prayers are with u as i’ve been living with this fr in my 20s i’m now 48 but i am scared to do the operation so i live on the birth controll pills.

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