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Read Roma’s Endo Story below…
I started my menses at the age of 11 years old. It was always extremely painful and would sometimes last for 2 weeks or more. My flow also was so heavy it came out in clots, and globs. At this time I had no idea about endometriosis, and brushed it off as normal pains and had heard other horror stories so I dismissed it.

My second year of U.W.I in my early 20’s things changed. It was that time of the month again and it wasn’t bad. It was PMS from hell! The pain was blinding, and it radiated straight from my stomach into my lower back. I was in agony. Nothing helped. Pain killers weren’t of any help (none. I tried them all) I tried teas, ginger, mint, noni even things I’m not sure I was supposed to drink. Eventually I decided stick a fork in me I am done.

I went to a gyno who followed the examination with a ultra sound. As soon as the doctor saw the growth/cyst he said “this has to be taken out. Right away.” I was whisked to the hospital where they removed a cyst on my right ovary that according to my doctor was the size of a man’s fist and there had to be 2 liters of fluid drained from it to remove it.

We all breathed a sigh as I was on bed rest and medications to recover with a huge scar, kinda reminded me of a C-section scar. It all went well until 2 months after recovery I was again writhing in pain. There were shooting pains from my lower belly into my back again. It felt like someone had stabbed me straight through with a white hot poker and was twisting it.

This time I rushed to the doctor first thing. I learned never ignore pain! Another ultra sound reveled 2 more cyst on my left ovary. I was unwilling to part with it. I wanted kids, at least one. After consulting many doctors one came up with a solution.

They’d put me on injections. Once a month for 6 months. Well what do they do doctor? As far as my gyno could tell my blood got into my cyst and that is what got it infected. So these injections forced me into chemical menopause. NOT FUN! Night sweats, hot flashes, you name it I had it. It worked the cysts finally shrunk and on the next ultra sound after the injections and a short time on Yasmin they found no sign of it.

Now at 30 I’m still on birth control that my doctor insists I take continuously as to not ovulate and aggravate any cyst that may be lying in wait. I’m a few pounds heavier from the hormones but I feel healthy. The few periods that managed to side step my meticulous pill popping were light, and painless. I know it can reoccur but for now I’m good, healthy and finally pain free.

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.

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