Shanty’s Story

Read Shanty’s Endo Story below…
Was diagnosed wit mild to moderate endo in August of 2010…via diagnostic ‘lap’…prior to being diagnosed I was always the chick that complain about heavy painful period…sometimes I would ended up missing work or school…sometime I would just feel totally sick…but after being diagnosed and doin my research I start the lucrin treatment for six month….immediately after the treatment I had a bit of relief…but after a couple months the pain was back and after visiting several doctor that told me if I get pregnant maybe I will be cured…

So I start take clomid to try and concieve wit no luck…by dis time I was already twenty eight years of age…after tryin for months wit no success I gave up…and after being told that I could try surgery to remove the deposit and scar tissues ….but too afraid to go thru surgery. took me months to make a decision. I finally decide to consult my doc re the surgery in 2011…we had a date and everything settled. ..I was only to wait on my time to go in and get the surgery done….but even up to this point I was still reluctant. ..but I know I wanted a child…cuz the thought of not being able to concieve really threw me over board… but still held on to the lil hope inside…

I prayed I asked God for divine intervention and a week before my surgery I started feelin ill with a delayed period….but cramps I was feeling felt like no I called my mom and I said I think my endo is actin up realy bad dis month…I was taken to the doctor where a pregnancy test was done and I was very much pregnant

#So don’t give up or give in…pray and asked God for divine intervention. ..having endo doesn’t mean your at the end of the road…trust and believe#

Each story is unique and it takes a lot of courage to share. The comments are open below so we can all learn through each others experiences. Please be kind in your responses below.

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